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hey everyone!

I'm a HUGE Holly Valance fan. I saw her video "Kiss Kiss" on TV while I was in Europe last December and I purchased her album and since then I'm in love with her!

For up to date information on her go to:

Have a nice day!
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Hey & Welcome!
Thanks for joining... it has been horrid trying to get people to join this, especially considering I am american & most of my friends & people that I have told about it are american & generally just reply with a "Holly who?"
Where did you hear of the community?
Also, thanks for the new resource. I have been having a bit of trouble finding current Holly news! Feel free to post any Holly news, reviews (personal or professional,) & anything else you want!
Also, feel free to IM me at leftsiderghtside on AIM & on MSN.
Great to have a new member! My work may be paying off!
I have Holly valance in my interest and clicked on it and yeah... I saw this comunity a few months ago but it was dead and yeah, didn't join but I went back and saw that it was alive -nods-