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12 days of Christmas

8th Oct - The 12 Days Of Holly...
Add to your It's day 2 of our brand new feature The 12 Days Of Holly, and what a scorcher of a pic we have for you! Click here to see today's image from Feburary...

8th Oct - Holly videos galore!
Hop on over to the Holly section right now where you can download a whole host of Holly performances from Top Of The Pops and CD:UK to the San Remo festival and the ARIA's! Massive thanks to Giak from the Official Forum for doing the donkeywork, with more State Of Mind vids to be added real soon!

8th Oct - Holly Da Housecat!
Holly was yesterday chatting to Radio 1 about working with Felix Da Housecat and the new direction of her music. She'll be teaming up with Felix on some future tracks - she hasn't met him yet but is really looking forward to it:

"I was listening to like Planet Funk, a lot of rocky stuff - No Doubt, and I kind of thought I'd love to mix rock and electric guitars with a more dancy kind of style and I love the eighties, so every time I talked to a writer or producer, I would mention a few different groups and say 'somehow can we mesh these styles in together?' And it was a really good contrast. So there's a bit more continuity with this album."

State Of Mind is out on 7th November in Japan, the 9th in Australia and the 10th in the UK!

7th Oct - The 12 Days Of Holly...
Well New Year isn't upon us just yet, but we thought we'd give you an early Christmas present! Because at, we are starting a brand new series called... The 12 Days Of Holly! How does it work, I hear you cry? Well each day, for the next 12 days, we will be bringing you a brand new image from Holly's Official 2004 Calendar! Indeed! So what are you waiting for? Click here to see January's pic right now!

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