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head to to check the pictures from Holly's calendr, I'm going to post a link to each month when all of them will be revealed

Hey guys and girls, Holly here! Well today I was on TRL at MTV and I had my hairdresser, stylist and makeup artists fussing over me to get me ready for the show. I managed to start snacking on some Chinese noodles but didn�t have time to finish them all because I had to go for makeup! When I was all ready to go, my floor manager Bruce joked that I needed to have my makeup done before I went on the show and I nearly slapped him!

I went off and filmed a couple of interviews and on the way back to the dressing rooms I spotted a photo booth so I jumped in and pulled a few faces at the camera. We all had a good laugh at the results and as usual I was dead embarrassed looking at photos of myself! You can watch it on video here.

I then had to change outfits for the main show and performance of my new single and my stylist, Neil, was busy working away sewing the chainmail shoulders of my top down so they didn�t fly around in the performance. During the show, a young lad lost a competition to win a kiss off me, and they made him kiss a toad, so I felt sorry for him and gave him a kiss anyway! Then they asked me if I�d dare to eat a scorpion and stupidly I said I would so they brought out a real dead scorpion and everyone pressured me to eat it so I didn�t have a choice! It was disgusting and crunchy and got stuck in my teeth � horrible!

I was really excited when I headed up onto the stage and saw the huge crowd who were fantastic. I performed State of Mind with all my dancers and it went really well and everybody loved it, which finished off the long day perfectly.

Click for Video Message

the videos aren't working for me, hopefully, will have it on their site

Holly at TRL

Holly has her my photo taken at MTV

Holly pretend's to be asleep!


Holly with TRL's Dave Berry

Holly eat's a Scorpion live on TRL!

performing 'State Of Mind' for TRL

after the performance
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