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Is Anyone Out There?...

I dunno if anyone is still actually paying attention to this community, but it is the only Holly Valance community on LJ, so I decided that if anything, I will try my damnedest to get it back running... My name is Jason, I am 20 years old, I live in Southern California, & have become quite the HUGE Holly Valance fan... She kicks so much ass! **The Next Kylie Minogue**
Anyway, I have recently come upon Holly... I have actually known OF her for quite a while. Sometime early last year, I was watching TOTP on BBC America, when I saw Holly's performance of "Kiss Kiss," which just really kicked ass, so I wanted to look into her, but never really did too well. I saw various other performances on TOTP, as well as her videos online. I saw her on "So Graham Norton" recently, & in Stuff Magazine, & decided that it was time to really see what she is about... So, I downloaded the entire "Footprints" album, along with the brand new single, "State Of Mind," & I must say, I am incredibly impressed! I cannot get enough of Holly Valance! She kicks so much ass, it is not even funny... from the opening of the album, "Kiss Kiss," To the very last track, "Send My Best," it is just such a great album! My personal favourite tracks are "City Ain't Big Enough," "Naughty Girl," & "Send My Best," but, really I love the entire album. I cannot wait for the new album. I am unsure of the release date for it, but I will post the info as soon as I get it.
Anyway, so you other 2 members, say something, too... Let's get the Holly Community going again!
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