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Holly News!!!

News From Holly's Official Site

New Single Tracklisting
We have exclusive details of the tracklisting for Holly's forthcoming single, State of Mind, released on the 27th October.
Includes Vertigo, Lost Boys & Rhythm Shed mixes
plus the video & photo gallery.
Includes the video, "Behind the Scenes" special,
photo gallery plus Vertigo & Felix Da Housekatt mixes.

More New Single Details
Finally, the news fans have been waiting to hear, Holly is set to release a new single from her forthcoming second album.
You can EXCLUSIVELY view the full video in the audio/video section NOW!
Called 'State of Mind', you'll be able to listen to Holly's latest tune from around the 29th of September on radio stations around the UK, as well as watching the video which is being filmed today and tomorrow in L.A.
CD:UK will show the exclusive performance on Saturday 4th October, so make sure all you fans out there note that date in your diaries!
'State of Mind' is released Monday 27th October.
The video is also up now!!!

The following not from Holly's Official Site, but, from UK AMAZON
Official Album Release Date
Holly's As Yet Untitled Follow-Up to her amazing debut album, "Footprints" has it's official release date set to be 10th November 2003, (one week before Kylies!) No word yet on any US release.

That is all for now, as it is 5 in the morning & I have not the energy to go through different Holly Rescources for new tonight.
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